About Us


We are a non-smoking, reliable, cheerful, experienced and responsible married couple that would be the perfect candidates to mind your house, pets, plants and gardens in your absence. 

We are Freelance Graphic Designers, Illustrators and Photographers when we are living in our United States home in Atlanta, Georgia. For the last eight years we had (for six months to a year at a time) been living and working at a science research station in Antarctica (McMurdo Station) where Karen worked as a Field Support Coordinator, and DJ worked as the Hazardous Waste Supervisor.

On October 7th we finished our Antarctic contract. We are currently traveling the United States house sitting while providing Google StreetView Photography for Google’s new indoor version of StreetView: Google Business Photos.

During our travels we would love the responsibility of caring for your home, pets, gardens, and property.

We enjoy traveling to new and unfamiliar places and often require others to take care of our home and gardens in our absence. We have on several occasions used house sitters for our Atlanta home and we are well aware of the importance of finding the right person.

We are experienced at caring for houses, pets, farm animals, and gardens. We are both bondable, and have references and criminal history checks available. We would love to hear from you. Please call or email us to discuss your needs.

Between the two of us we are experienced cat, dog, horse, chicken, bird, sheep, possum, rabbit and fish sitters. We have lived with cats, dogs, snakes, gerbils, chickens, and fish. Karen has also had a college level horseback riding education which included horse care. We have vegetable and flower gardens at our own home, and are quite comfortable with all aspects of garden care.

We both enjoy and are very comfortable caring for just about any animal. And after 7 months of being away from all animals besides a few Antarctic penguins and seals we are eager to reconnect with some 4 legged friends!

We are home owners and are very conscientious with other's homes.

We are both avid gardeners.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Karen Hagerman and DJ Jennings