Frequently Asked Questions:


Do you charge for your pet or house sitting services?

We don’t normally charge any fee for our pet and house sitting services. We believe it is a fair exchange as is. If you have more than the average requirement we may come to an agreement for some financial exchange but generally there is no fee for you. You don’t pay us - we don’t pay you .

Who pays for the utilities?
It is not normal for the house sitter to pay for these items. However, if it is a long-term house sit then some negotiation can be worked out.

How can I be sure you are honest?
Good question. We can demonstrate our honesty in the following ways:
We can provide Criminal History Checks for the both of us.
You can check our references and contact phone numbers from previous home owners who have experienced our services. They are happy to receive phone calls or emails from you.
Wherever possible we will try to meet up with you before the house/pet sit, so we can all get a chance to get to know each other.
At some point we both have to use our intuition and gut feeling with each other. If either of us feels unsure of the other then we see no point in going ahead. It’s all much easier when everyone feels safe and comfortable.

Do homeowners need to provide groceries?
We prefer to purchase our own supply of groceries. We will use any perishables you leave behind and make sure you come home to the same fresh supplies that were there when we arrived.

Will you place our home and pets on your website?
No. Not unless you agree to it. We would never go against your wishes. The pets on our website are there with the pet owner’s permission.

Should the homeowner provide emergency contact information such as a veterinarian, plumber, etc?
Yes, it is a good idea for us as house and pet sitters to be prepared to act quickly if an emergency arrises. Time spent wondering what to do or who to call can cost the home/pet owner money, endanger pets health,  or cause loss of property. Being prepared eases everyone’s minds. The Housecarer’s website has a great home owner/house sitter contract which solicits this important information.

Do you want to have a written agreement/contract?
Yes, the Housecarer’s website has a great home owner/house sitter contract. We also have a form that we send to the home owner to help the owner provide us with important “emergency/just in case” information.

What about the homeowner’s phone use?
This is different at every house sit. Some homeowners are happy for us to use the phone freely as they have a phone plan that does not charge for local and STD calls. Some do not want us to use their phone at all. We are fine with whatever the homeowner decides. We have our own mobile phones and can manage with them just fine.

What about the home owner’s internet?
We have laptops with wireless capabilities. Wireless is nice, but it is not a deal breaker if the homeowner does not have it.

Do we have to meet up before you come to housesit?
We think it’s a good idea so we can meet you, you can meet us, and we can meet the pets and find out any nuances regarding your home. You can get to feel comfortable with us and us with you. Sometimes, because of time and distance it’s just not feasible to meet so we can chat on the phone. Each situation is different.

Need to know more?
Perhaps we have not covered your specific question in our FAQ. If this is the case please email us and we can answer your questions directly...and maybe add it to our FAQ list for others to benefit.

Ultimately this is a relationship based on trust between you and us. We all have to feel comfortable with each other. You have to be convinced we are the best house sitters for you. It’s important for all of us that you go away feeling sure you have made the right decision.